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Handshake EDU partner product updates—May 6, 2024

AUTHOR: The Handshake team

Rich text in event descriptions [Launched: April 23, 2024]

You can now use rich text options like bolding, bulleted lists, and hyperlinks in event descriptions. This helps you create more dynamic descriptions that call extra attention to key information.

Stay up-to-date on changes to fields in Analytics [Launched: April 24, 2024]

Partners who want to stay informed about upcoming changes to fields in Analytics, especially changes that could affect their third-party business intelligence system integrations, can now subscribe to Analytics Field Updates. By following the linked article, you will receive email notifications at least one week before any changes to fields are implemented within the Analytics module. These updates may include changes to field names, additions or removals of fields, updates to data types, and changes in field formatting.

  • NOTE: information about net new fields launching in Analytics will still be documented here, on the product change log.

Language proficiency in Analytics [Launched: April 25, 2024]

Following the launch of language proficiency on student profiles, your team can now run reports on student language proficiency in Analytics. New fields include:

  • Created at

  • Name

  • Proficiency

  • Updated at

  • Count

NOTE: As of May 1, students can include proficiency in a variety of sign languages used worldwide.

Updates reviews and job list pages [Launched: April 30, 2024]

We launched redesigned versions of the reviews and job list pages. All functionality was preserved, but the pages are now easier to navigate.

Employer relationship management—enhanced activity log [Launched: May 2, 2024]

We launched an even more comprehensive version of the activity log on employer profiles that includes Targeted Emails sent to the employer, notes, and more. And, the activity log can now be filtered by activity type and time to help you quickly identify key touch points.

Employer relationship management—employers list page & employer search [Launched: May 2, 2024]

We launched a redesigned employer list page to make it easier for your team to search for employers in your network. We also redesigned the employer search page to provide even more comprehensive information about employers you might want to add to your network. This update also provides the foundation upon which we'll layer even more robust employer discovery tools in the coming months.

Employer relationship management—events tab [Launched: May 2, 2024]

We launched a new tab on employer profiles that consolidates every event that employer has posted to your institution (or that you cohosted with them). The page is filterable, sortable, and searchable, and allows you to take bulk actions like managing labels, promoting events via Targeted Emails, and downloading event details.

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